NSF Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) Site:
Human Communication in a Connected World

About ISI
Our REU site participants will be engaged in research that spans four themes under the umbrella of Human Communication in a Connected World. These themes are: (1) communication, (2) cybersecurity, (3) information retrieval and (4) information flow. The themes span the vertical stack of human communication, starting with protocols and physical communication medium (communication theme), continuing on to protocols, application and usage patterns (cybersecurity theme), continuing on to semantics of communication (information retrieval theme) and ending with dynamics of information flow in social systems (information flow theme). These themes are emerging today because of the increased use of the Internet in daily lives. This poses challenges for communication and cybersecurity, and creates the need for information retrieval and understanding information flow. Below are the projects, which we expect to have during the summer 2019.

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Anycast Visualization (Supervisor: John Heidemann)

Safe Automated Patching (Supervisor: John Heidemann)

Defining a Second-Generation Hitlist for IPv4 Topology Studies (Supervisor: John Heidemann)

Understanding DNS Resolvers (Supervisor: Jelena Mirkovic)


Measuring Password Habits (Supervisor: Jelena Mirkovic)

Critter@home (Supervisor: Genevieve Bartlett)

RecogPass-RSVP (Supervisor: Genevieve Bartlett)

RecogPass-CGI (Supervisor: Genevieve Bartlett)

Remote Identification of DoS Victims (Supervisor: Genevieve Bartlett)

Novel Insights for DDoS Detection (Supervisor: Christophe Hauser)

Stateless Password Manager (Supervisor: Christophe Hauser)

Practical Searchable Encryption (Supervisor: Christophe Hauser)

Vulnerability Discovery: Complexity Attacks (Supervisor: Christophe Hauser)

Software Isolation for Desktop Environments (Supervisor: Christophe Hauser)

Software Attestation (Supervisor: Jeremy Abramson)

Biometric Authentication Using Multi-Modal Sensors (Supervisor: Jeremy Abramson)

Information Retrieval

Building a Sports Data Knowledge Graph (Supervisor: Jeremy Abramson)

Building an analytics toolbox for scraping web-based course contents (Supervisor: Rafael Ferreira da Silva)

Towards Linked Open Software Descriptions (Supervisor: Daniel Garijo)

Creating a Knowledge Graph of Computational Experiments (Supervisor: Daniel Garijo)

Linking Scientific Experiments to Computational Knowledge Graphs (Supervisor: Daniel Garijo)

Identifying and Quantifying Unfair Models (Supervisor: Fred Morstatter)

Modeling the Career Trajectory of Music Artists (Supervisor: Fred Morstatter)

FactChecker (Supervisor: Genevieve Bartlett)

Clickbait Summarizer (Supervisor: Genevieve Bartlett)

Information Flow

Social Media Analysis (Supervisor: Emilio Ferrara)

Online Games and AI (Supervisor: Emilio Ferrara)

Deep Learning for Decision Making (Supervisor: Emilio Ferrara)

Computational Simulations of Social Systems (Supervisor: Emilio Ferrara)

Exploring Human-Machine Interaction in Hybrid Systems (Supervisor: Andres Abeliuk)

Over-personalization in Online Platforms (Supervisor: Andres Abeliuk)