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SURF-I: Safe, Usable, Reliable and Fair Internet

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Our REU site participants will be engaged in research that spans three themes under the umbrella of Safe, Usable, Reliable and Fair Internet. These themes are: (1) communication and cybersecurity, (2) scientific experimentation and knowledge capture, and (3) social data science. These themes are emerging today because of the increased use of the Internet in daily lives. The abundance of applications and the ever-increasing traffic volume cannot be sustained by the current infrastructure. Today’s businesses and critical infrastructure rely on the Internet more and more; this makes them attractive targets for cyberattacks. Young people are also increasingly using the Internet for learning and communication, putting themselves at risk of cyberbullying, cyber-predators, misinformation, etc. Communication and cybersecurity theme explores solutions to the above problems. Further, much information is automatically collected today by many digital devices, and much information is published online by various sources. This volume creates challenges for effectively making sense of information, and detecting important pieces, which can be presented to humans in a meaningful way. The scientific experimentation and knowledge capture theme explores these issues, and also focuses on broadening participation in science through education. Finally, increasing use of social networks allows us to study how people connect to each other, how information propagates in social systems, and how it is acquired and processed by humans. Social data science theme comprises of such projects. Below are some sample projects. Please check back in January 2025 for an updated list.

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Anycast Visualization (Supervisor: John Heidemann)

Identifying Regular Traffic in DNS services (Supervisor: John Heidemann)

Distributed Knowledge Capture and Transfer (Supervisor: Jeremy Abramson)

Self-learning Computers (Supervisor: Jeremy Abramson)

Privacy-preserving Record Linkage (Supervisor: Srivatsan Ravi)

Mixed-methods Approaches to Evaluating Large Language Models (Supervisor: Mayank Kejriwal)

Quantifying Online Polarization (Supervisor: Kristina Lerman)

PauseNow (Supervisor: Yixue Zhao)

The Sound and the Fury: Understanding the Link Between Social Media and Offline Violence (Supervisor: Keith Burghardt)

AI-based Homeless Detection: Improving Lives at Scale (Supervisor: Keith Burghardt and Seon Ho Kim)

Decipherment of Diaspora Languages (Supervisor: Jonathan May)

Social Media Analysis (Supervisor: Emilio Ferrara)