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Alumni Carreers

  • Kai Walberg, R&D Engineer @Quokka.io
  • Haven King-Nobles, Co-founder of Fish Welfare Initiative
  • Christopher Orlando Morales, Software Engineer @Lockheed Martin
  • Allan Shang-Long Mao, R&D Engineer @Ansys
  • Claire Cannatti, Senior App Developer @InterSystems
  • Mirabela Medallon, Full Stack Developer @Booz Allen Hamilton
  • Ryan Patrick Bogutz, Software Engineer @Trimble Maps
  • An Ngyuen, Software Engineer @Pure Storage
  • Carson Rupp, Product Manager @Cvent, Inc.
  • Catherine B Schroeder, MS @MaryMount University, Security Researcher at NIST
  • Madison Call, MS @Arizona State University in progress
  • Chloe Eggleston, MS @UM Amherst
  • Tanay Dixit, MS @UIUC in progress
  • Sunshine Chong, MS @UC Davis, Software Engineer @Microsoft
  • Emilee Daniel, JD @American University Washington in progress
  • Erica Stutz, PhD @Yale in progress
  • Aidan Kelley, PhD @UC Berkeley in progress
  • Antonio Camara, PhD @Harvard in progress
  • Haoda Wang, PhD @Columbia University in progress
  • Tyler Kann, PhD @Georgia Tech in progress
  • Oliver Mel Allen, PhD @Northeastern University in progress
  • Amani Maina-Kilaas, PhD @MIT in progress
  • Tarang Saluja, PhD @UM Amherst in progress
  • Shayan Javid Yazdi, MS @USC, PhD @USC in progress
  • Caleb Ziems, MS @GeorgiaTech, PhD @Stanford in progress

Press coverage

  • News article citing Hickey et al. paper: "According to an academic analysis published last weekend, hate speech quadrupled on the platform immediately after Musk’s takeover. Those peddling abuse felt they could write what they wanted thanks to a self-avowed “free speech absolutist” taking over. Even as the clamour of the acquisition quelled, hate settled at a new baseline – about twice as high as it was in the pre-Musk era."


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