NSF Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) Site:
Human Communication in a Connected World


Important information

  • USC/ISI shuttle
  • Breakfast items
  • Calendar of events (agenda option gives you summary at a glance)
  • Shared Google drive folder
  • REU meeting link - cohort and meeting schedule
  • REU areas - meetings and resources
  • RCR training
  • Surveys for the first day: one and two
  • Research questions:
    1. What problem am I trying to solve? Why is this problem important? Why is solving it difficult?
    2. What has been done before (to solve that same problem, to solve related problems that I can leverage)? How do I compare to other efforts to solve that same problem - is my solution better and how? Please see here for resources on how to find research papers.
    3. What is my solution (high level intuition)? What are the details that I have to decide (thresholds, design flow, etc)? How can I reason about these decisions?
    4. What data can I use to test my solution? Do I have enough data? Is there noise? Do I understand ground truth? Can I generate synthetic data?
    5. What is my desired outcome at the end of the program? What is the smallest unit of work that I can complete to feel I've made progress on solving this problem?
  • Poster template is here.
  • Last week survey for students

Publication opportunities (updated for 2023)