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Research Projects
DatePaper taskPoster task
6/18Abstract, intro and related work should be done
6/25Write about your approach. Also start on evaluation section. What are your metrics of success and how will you measure them
7/2Put in some preliminary results in your paper, give to a peer to read and comment. Also send it to your mentor.Start working on your poster. Aim to fill some bullets in most sections. Poster template.
7/6Peer and mentor comments due. Start addressing them in your paper.Continue working on your poster.
7/9Put more results our paper, polish based on peer feedback. Send the paper to your mentor.Send your poster to the mentor to read and review
7/13Finish your paper and send to mentor to get feedback.Print out your poster and present it.
  • Calendar of events (agenda option gives you summary at a glance)
  • Research questions for 5-min talk:
    • Which problem are we solving? Why is it important?
    • What have others done (related work)? How does our work fit?
    • What do we plan to do? How will it address the problem?
    • What is our expected outcome at the end of the REU program?
    • How will we evaluate our solution? What data do we need? Where shall we find the data? What kind of metrics do we need?
    • What other issues should we consider (e.g., cost, usability, alternative approaches)?
  • How to read papers - summary here
  • Learning Latex:
    • Start your project on Overleaf and make it so that everyone with link can view and edit. Send the link to the group.
    • Use this LaTeX cheat sheet when you need it, or just Google, e.g., "Latex itemized list"
    • Use this Bibtex guide
  • Evolving papers:
  • Gen's slides from her talk
  • Photos from our Griffith Observatory hike
  • Christophe's slides from his talk
  • Photos from our Long Beach trip
  • Photos from our Getty Villa trip
  • Photos from our REU Symposium